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We make Custom iPad Air Cases and Covers (for iPad Air 1 and 2) in a large range of styles for every iPad Air version, and we know what works

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Who Are the Users of Custom iPad Air Cases?

When you're considering promotional items to use for marketing your company, it's smart to think about the appeal of the items. You want to use promotional items that have appeal to the people that are most likely to do business with you and particularly to those that who fit your definition of your ideal customer.

More and more people are using tablet computers, especially the lightweight, compact Apple iPad Air. This means that logo iPad Air cases can be ideal giveaway items for many different companies. In order to evaluate how well printed iPad Air cases will fit your marketing goals, you'll need to first establish your ideal client. Then, you'll need to think about whether or not that ideal customer is likely to use a tablet computer.

To help guide you toward an informed decision regarding the use of custom iPad Air cases for promotional purposes, we gathered the latest research into tablet use and have compiled it for you.

Here are some facts about tablet usage:

- Both men and women use tablets. Studies show that about a third of men and a third of women own tablet computers. This makes logo iPad Air cases a promotional giveaway item choice that appeals to both genders equally unlike other items like baseball caps.

- People of all ages use tablet computers. No matter how old your ideal customer is, they could benefit from printed iPad Air cases, as people across age groups use tablets. The biggest usage is among people aged 35 to 44 with nearly half of those in this bracket owning tablets. One-third or more of people within the 18 to 24, 25 to 34 and 45 to 54 age groups are tablet owners. A little more than one fourth of people aged 55 to 65 and a little less than one fifth of those over 65 own tablets.

- Tablets are used across industries. There is no one single industry or line of business that uses tablet computers. Individuals in many different job roles use them regularly. The owners of businesses and executives can benefit from iPad Air cases, as can the gatekeepers that can mean then difference between talking to a decision maker on a cold call or not. Students may use tablets to help them with their studies or for entertainment purposes. Anyone who travels frequently may also use a tablet due to its portability.

Now, you have all of the facts about tablet computer usage. If your ideal client is likely to use a tablet for work or pleasure, selecting logo iPad Air cases can help you offer something of value to them. Printed iPad Air cases keep tablet computers safe while serving as a constant reminder of your company. CustomLogoCases specialises in bringing you the best custom iPad Air cases on the market with free artwork services included with every purchase. Shop our range of custom iPad Air cases to find the perfect solution for promoting your business.



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