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Gel Cases (TPU)

We have Custom Gel Cases (TPU) for every popular phone, tablet and portable device, and we know what works

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Custom gel cases and covers from Custom Logo Cases provide superior protection when compared to conventional hard cases, making them a top choice for companies, schools and organizations that wish to protect their devices. The gel covers and cases are also ideal for promotional giveaways, retail sales, fundraising, corporate gifts and more. There are a number of gel cover and case options available, providing something to suit any budget.

What Are Gel Covers and Cases?

Gel covers and cases snap onto the backs of tablets and smartphones, protecting their sides and backs while clearly displaying a brand logo. The name of this type of case refers to the materials from which it is constructed. Called thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU, this material is a form of plastic that has the look and feel of a solidified gel. Like hard cases and covers, gel covers and cases are designed to the specifications of devices and do not need to be removed when it comes time to take photos, charge devices or access any of their ports and buttons.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Gel Cases?

There are a number of reasons why gel covers and cases are appealing to device users. Custom gel cases and covers are:

- More Protective. Custom gel cases and covers are better able to absorb shocks than hard plastic cases and covers, and they sill provide scratch protection to lower the risk of tablets and smartphones suffering damage.

- Flexible. Gel covers and cases have more give and flexibility than traditional hard cases, making them easy to get on and off.

- Easy to Grip. Many people like the feel of gel cases and covers and feel that they allow them to keep a better hold on their devices. This helps to increase the level of safety of phones and tables stored inside of them.

For companies, schools and organizations that purchase them, gel covers and cases offer some distinct benefits as well. The custom gel cases and covers are:

- Versatile. Custom gel cases and covers can be made for any type of tablet or smartphone, and there are many different color options available. All of the gel covers and cases can be personalized with a logo at no extra charge, and many of them can alternately be customized with an artwork graphic. Logo optimization and art design services are offered free of charge with any of our custom gel case or cover styles.

- Unique. Gel covers and cases are different than conventional plastic cases, so they can help to differentiate a company. This is especially helpful for companies that are purchasing gel cases and covers for promotional giveaways at large events.

Order Your Custom Gel Cases and Covers from Custom Logo Cases

At Custom Logo Cases, you're guaranteed to get the best possible price on custom gel cases and covers. Shipping is always free on orders. Minimum order requirements are just 10 covers or cases for all of the gel styles, and the more you buy at one time, the more you'll save.



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